Yuri hoodie: Designer Notes

The idea behind Yuri was to get a hybrid cardigan/sweatshirt that could be easily opened and closed, and sewn without the hassle of zips. When I started sewing, one of the things I hated the most was sewing zips (but now it’s ok, yay!).

I wanted a big shape that would be comfortable to wear while cycling or knitting on the couch, plus size or not, with or without breasts :)

This pattern was made in collaboration with @biou, my husband, who’s also a programmer. We had a lot of fun creating and testing the pattern together and we were happy to be able to contribute a little to FreeSewing :)

We used a mix of the two Huey & Hugo hoodies and reshaped them a bit to change the front/opening and length, and BAM, Yuri was born!

I recommend using a soft sweatshirt fabric, you can add a lining but it’s not essential. It can be nice in red for a little red hood costume, or a nice gift for a pregnant person :)