Octoplushy, the plushy octopus: Designer Notes

Octoplushy. This is one of those designs that have no explanation. I was almost done with the hi design, so I had plushies on my mind. The sea, and it’s inhabitants must have been on my mind, for all of a sudden “octoplushy” pops enters my thoughts. Where that came from, I don’t know. But with that name, I could not ignore what I was apparently destined to work on next.

A plushy octopus. With a cute name. That had to become something very cuddly. The first attempt was a round head, complete with sewn smile and buttons for eyes, and eight arms to complete it. Using the eight arms and extending the upper part into segments for the head seemed logical. It worked out fine.

Then I decided that a more anatomically correct version should also be possible, just by tweaking the parameters somewhat, and moving the eyes down. And I figured I could then not forget the squid cousin too. So it turned into three designs in one.

Have fun making them. They’re not hard to sew, but not easy to fill.