Bob the Bib: Sewing Instructions


Before we start: One layer or two?

First thing you need to figure out is whether you’re going to make a 1-layer (simple) bib, or do you want to make one out of two layers.

A two-layer bib gives you more options, as you can use an absorbent backing layer like terrycloth, yet still have the entire cotton selection of your local fabric store available as your choice for the front layer, aka the visible one.

Step 1: Optional: Join layers

If you decide to go for two layers, simply join them together at the edges before applying the bias tape.

You probably want to pin or baste this prior to sewing. The two different types of fabric will behave differently, so secure them in place prior to sewing the together.

Make sure to sew close to the edge so that the stitches will be under the bias tape finish later.

Step 2: Apply bias tape

We’re going to apply bias tape as a finish around the entire edge of the bib.

You probably want to start at the bottom strap, as this way the joint of the bias seam will be covered when the bib is worn.

Just work your way around, and take your time.

Step 3: Install snaps or button

Next, install the snaps on the straps, as indicated on the pattern.

If you don’t have or want snaps, you can also use a button + buttonhole.

Step 4: You’re done!

That was easy 😃