Benjamin bow tie: Designer Notes

Benjamin is the first design I have ever made for FreeSewing. I had just discovered Joost’s site, then still called MakeMyPattern. The site only had designs made by Joost, and he invited others to help him. This seemed like something I could undertake. Since I had no experience with making patterns, my first attempt should be a simple one. The site already had a pattern for a tie, yet I prefer bow ties. So that would be something I could contribute.

In the concept of MakeMyPattern was the possibility of patterns not only adapting to the measurements of the sewist, but also that patterns could change depending on the options one would like. So I tried to incorporate some options that I thought bow ties should have.

The bow tie can be made to be tied traditionally, and it also allows for a specific band to be added that will make the bow tie adjustable. These can be found in speciality stores, and are available online.

Because of the precision needed, and the curved seams, this may not be the easiest pattern to start with. But is is a nice one to help you use those scraps from other projects.