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Claim your showcase posts for eternal glory
FreeSewing v3.2.0 is out, brings 3 new designs
Our newest design is the Tristan top
Email communication breakdown post-mortem
FreeSewing v3.1 is out with two new designs, and a reminder that we now stream updates
Everything about FreeSewing v3: Umbrella post
Opening up the FreeSewing backend API
FreeSewing is now pay-what-you-want
Announcing FreeSewing.social
Welcome to the new FreeSewing.org site, powered by v3
Announcing FreeSewing v3.0
FreeSewing v2.22 is out, and will be the final minor release before v3
FreeSewing 2.21 adds Bob, Hi, Lucy, Noble and Unice designs
FreeSewing 2.20: Would you like it smaller?
2021 wrap-up: A new FreeSewing.dev and announcing our bug bounty program
Calling all contributors
Get your Halloween going with these inspirational costume ideas
10 cosplays you can make from FreeSewing patterns to get you in the Halloween mood
FreeSewing 2.19 brings Bee, Lunetius, Tiberius, Walburga, a new plugin, and a bunch of improvements and fixes
Announcing FreeSewing v2.18: Congratulations, it's a Yuri
Announcing Ursula, a basic, highly-customizable underwear pattern
FreeSewing 2.16 comes with React 17 and Webpack 5
Charlie Chinos: who wants some new trousers?
These Cornelius cycling breeches are Wouter's latest gift to us all
Say hi to our latest pattern: The Hortensia handbag
The Bella bodice block for womenswear
The year 2020 was something alright
We haz apron now: FreeSewing 2.10 brings you Albert, a humble apron pattern
FreeSewing 2.9 brings our Teagan T-shirt pattern
Please help grow FreeSewing beyond what I can do on my own
Meet Paco: Our new unisex pattern for stylish summer pants
FreeSewing v2.7: Titan, changes to measurements, and a long list of improvements
Calling all makers: Here's a 1-page PDF facemask pattern; Now go make some and help beat this thing
We just published a face mask pattern, because coronavirus
New pattern: The Holmes Deerstalker Hat
A look at what's new in FreeSewing 2.2, including Breanna, our bodice block for womenswear
4109 reasons to be happy about 2019
FreeSewing v2.1: Three new patterns, expert mode, and help with measurements
Announcing FreeSewing v2.0
Monthly roundup - January 2019: The big beta update
Let's meet up in 2019! And other end-of-year musings
Monthly roundup - November 2018: New showcases and a (false) security alarm
Monthly roundup - October 2018: Progress on beta.freesewing.org
Monthly roundup - September 2018: Shin, loads of JavaScript, and a long TODO list
Announcing Shin, a swim trunks pattern
Celebrating one year of freesewing.org: Announcing the freesewing library
Announcing Sandy, a circle skirt designed by @AlfyLyr
Monthly roundup - July 2018: French and waiting for Sandy
Monthly roundup - June 2018: German, Penelope, and more womenswear on the horizon
Announcing the Penelope Pencil Skirt; And our womenswear roadmap
Monthly roundup - May 2018: The post-GDPR era is upon us
Welcome to our new website. It's GDPR compliant, speaks 3 languages, and smells of wet paint
Monthly roundup - April 2018: Calm before the storm
Monthly roundup - March 2018: Parlez-vous français? Sprechen Sie Deutsch? ¿Hablas español? 你會說中文嗎?
Freesewing core 1.8: Jaeger Jacket is in, across back measurement is out
Monthly roundup - February 2018: Core 1.7.0 with Sven, Carlton, and Carlita improvements. Plus GDRP, vim, and Jaeger
The General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union: Our battle plan.
Monthly roundup - January 2018: Inkscape DPI, version awareness, Bail, and Carlita
Announcing Carlita, the womenswear version of our Carlton coat.
Freesewing core v1.3.0 is out; Comes with fixes so good that we back-ported them to all your drafts
Monthly roundup - December 2017: Patrons, Bent, Carlton, Florent, and the looming Inkscape issue
Announcing Carlton, aka the Sherlock Holmes coat, and the Bent Body Block
Calling all Patrons; Join our bedrock of loyal supporters.
The Florent Flat Cap pattern is now available in beta. That's another gift sorted.
Monthly roundup - November 2017: Benjamin, on-boarding, showcases, and our on-demand tiler
The Benjamin Bow Tie pattern is now available in beta. And I didn't even have to do anything.
Monthly roundup - October 2017: Huey, Roy, community building and pattern cover pages
The Huey Hoodie is now available in beta. Which begs the question, what does it mean for a pattern to be in Beta?
Monthly roundup - September 2017: Simon complications, email issues, and donations are up this year.
Thanks for nothing Microsoft; Email shouldn't be this hard
The Refashioners 2017 - Now with a Blake Blazer preview and 100% more zebra
Freesewing.org is open for business. That is, the business of giving away free sewing patterns
Announcing the Sven Sweater; A basic sweater based on the Brian body block
The choices I've made to protect your privacy. Or why you won't be getting any cookies.
We're JAMstack, we're JAMstack, we're JAMstack, we're JAMstack, we're JAMstack, we're JAMstack, we're JAMstack, and I hope you like JAMstack too
Announcing freesewing, an open source platform for made-to-measure sewing patterns