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How can we support you?

1Community Support

For the fastest response, head over to discord.freesewing.org and post your question in the need-help channel.

The FreeSewing community is a helpful bunch, so there is a good chance they are able to help you.

2Contributor Support

If something is broken or you have found a bug, you can create an issue on GitHub.

Issues are more likely to attract the attention of core contributors, but tend to take longer to get a response.

3Maintainer Support

If you are a FreeSewing patron, you can go straight to the top and contact Joost directly.

While Joost will treat requests from patrons with priority, he does also needs sleep. So keep that in mind, especially when you are in a different time zone.


How can you support FreeSewing?

Hi friend 👋

My name is Joost De Cock. I am the founder and maintainer of FreeSewing.

I am here to ask your help. Or more accurately, your support. Which we really need.

If you think FreeSewing is worthwhile, and if you can spare a few coins each month without hardship, please support our work.

Thanks in advance for considering it.


Support FreeSewing

Don't have a PayPal account?Ko-fi.com/FreeSewing