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  • The Florent Flat Cap pattern is now available in beta. That's another gift sorted.

The Florent Flat Cap pattern is now available in beta. That's another gift sorted.

6 years, 5 months ago

After last month’s release of Benjamin, here’s another pattern release to channel the dapper gentleman within: the Florent Flat Cap.

Like Benjamin, this pattern was contributed by the freesewing community, rather than yours truly. In this case, it was Quentin Felix who signed for the design.

I asked Quentin if he wanted to write this announcement blog post himself, but he argued that it was time I did something too. He did have this to share though, on his reasons for designing this pattern in the first place:

Quentin on his reasons for designing Florent

I like wearing flat caps myself. I didn’t use to, but I have a friend Florent who inspired me to wear them (now you know where the name comes from).

The first time I made a flat cap, it took me ages to scale the pattern to an exact fit, involving a lot of messing about with tracing paper. There’s a number of patterns available online for flat caps. But they all come in one size only.

I wanted to make this more accessible to people. And, while I was at it, I also drew on my experience to add some tweaks for a better fit.

For example, this design extends lower at the back of the head, which gives it better hold.

This why should we always have to re-invent the wheel? could pretty much be freesewing’s slogan.

It’s the season for giving

Florent requires only one measurement: the head circumference. As such, this release is perfectly timed. With the holiday season coming up, here’s another gift you can make yourself.

Thanks Quentin!

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