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FreeSewing 2.21 adds Bob, Hi, Lucy, Noble and Unice designs

1 year, 10 months ago

We’ve rolled out FreeSewing v2.21 today, and it’s a massive update with tons of changes, improvements, and behind the scenes work. Check the CHANGELOG if you’d like get all the nitty-gritty detail. For this blog post, I’ll focus on what you are probably going to be most interested in: New designs.

This release brings 5 new designs to our catalog, so let’s dive right in:

Bob is a bib

We’ve been using the construction of a Bib pattern in our pattern design tutorial for years. Yet we never added the pattern to our catalog. An oversight that’s been corrected now, and we now carry Bob the bib in our collection.

Perfect for babies and grown-ups who are messy eaters alike, since you can make Bob in any size.

Hi is a shark

It’s been kinda hard to contain our excitement about this, but hear me out: A while ago rumours started swirling that IKEA would discontinue it’s BLÅHAJ stuffed shark, which is a universally beloved toy.

The FreeSewing community wasn’t just going to idly stand by while the worlds friendliest shark ran the risk of becoming extinct. A conservation effort gained momentum, and ultimately Wouter matter-of-factively dropped the first Hi pictures in our Discord.

Oh, and you should know that Hi can be made big or small. The patterns scales up to a 5m shark. What are you waiting for?

Lucy is a tie-on pocket

We’ve seen a number of historical designs recently, specifically from Starf. This time around, it’s SeaZeeZee who added Lucy which is a pattern for a tie-on pocket.

It’s a quick make for cosplay, historical re-enactment, or for all those dresses that don’t come with pockets.

Noble is a body block with prince(ss) seams

Wouter (of Hi fame) has another contribution in this release: Noble is a princess seam body block. Blocks tend to be undervalued but they are the foundation that other designs are built on, so having a new body block with prince(ss) seams is very exciting.

Unice is for undies

Unice is a variant of Ursula, another undies pattern. It was designed by Anna who describes it as the undies for those with significant rear estate.

It has a few changes and tweaks in comparison to Ursula, and is specifically intended to fit any body. So if you’re rear estate mogul, try these out.

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