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Meet Paco: Our new unisex pattern for stylish summer pants

3 years, 9 months ago

If you pay attention to our releases, you know that 4 weeks ago we put out our new Titan trouser block. Today, I’m happy to announce our first real pattern based on it: The Paco summer pants.

These are decidedly unisex — in a good way — and they’re also quick to make, certainly in comparison to a pair of full-blown trousers like Theo.

Paco comes with an elasticated waist and cuffs, at least by default, for you can also choose to draft these with regular hemmed legs.

The default options also include front pockets on the side seams. If you want welt pockets in the back, you can chose that as an option. You can also remove the side seam pockets of you’d like that.

Are these just sweat pants?

They could be. If you make these in a knit, than your could certainly use them as such. But no, they are not designed to be.

The ones you see in the picture above (full disclosure: I have not taken these off since I’ve made them) aren’t knit either. Here’s a close-up of the woven fabric:

Close-up of a woven fabric

The difference is in the cut — which is a lot more flattering and stylish that your typical sweat pants — and the pockets. Yes, the pockets. Because pockets are important.

Both front pockets and (optional) back pockets are anchored at the waist. Which means that you can put things in your pockets without them becoming unsightly bump that’s just dangling around in your trouser leg.

Convinced yet? Then go make some, and make sure to share your pictures :)

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