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  • These Cornelius cycling breeches are Wouter's latest gift to us all

These Cornelius cycling breeches are Wouter's latest gift to us all

3 years, 2 months ago

Wouter is at it again, this time around he’s treating us to classic cycling breeches.

He writes:

When I was a child my dad would tell me stories about hiking in the mountains, something magical for a kid living in The Netherlands. He had a suitcase with his mountaineering things in it, and part of that were some ‘knickerbockers’, baggy trousers that reached down to your calves.

When I moved to the USA in my thirties and started hiking myself, I would often reflect on those talks and felt sad that I didn’t inherit those knickerbockers. Then when I discovered sewing, I decided I would make myself a pair, but no good patterns presented themselves.

This year someone on the Freesewing discord server posted a link to The ‘Keystone’ Systems, Practical methods of cutting, from around the turn of the century. This contained a drafting system for ‘Cycling Breeches’, which seemed to be close to what my father used to wear, and could be translated into a Freesewing pattern. A project was born, and I’m happy to be able to present the results to you.

As Wouter mentioned; This pattern is based on the Keystone drafting method. Not that it matters because as always you get it made-to-measure for you right here on FreeSewing.org.

Here's the man himself

Note that you don’t have to cycle to wear these. All that’s required is a willingness to show of those socks (or calfs).

Cornelius is available at /designs/cornelius/.

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