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Claim your showcase posts for eternal glory

4 months ago

There are over 300 showcase posts on FreeSewing.org where our users showcase their makes. That’s a truly great thing because it’s not only nice to see what people come up with, it also gives new visitors to the site a good idea of what to expect from a given design.

Showcase posts have been around for a while and they have survived a number of technical overhauls in how things work under the hood. And that’s starting to show.

Who made what?

There was a time when showcase posts were attributed by a name or description. Like tony made this. At one point, we assigned them to the username, but because users can change their username, such a system decays into chaos over time.

We’d like to address this growing library of showcase posts and make sure that as many as possible are properly credited to their makers.

For this reason, we’ve implemented a few changes:

  • Showcase posts are now assigned to the user’s FreeSewing ID.
  • When a showcase post is credited like this, we’ll show the user’s bio under the post
  • When there is no user credited, we will show a button to either claim this post as your own, or suggest another user in case you know who is the maker.

This way, given some time and collective effort, we hopefully will soon enough have properly credited all posts.

What is my FreeSewing ID?

You can find your FreeSewing ID on your account page or go to FreeSewing.org/id.

Next steps

The first thing to do is to make sure everything is properly credited.

Afterwards, we can use this link between the showcase post and user to — for example — show a list of showcase posts on a user’s profile.

If you have your own showcase posts on FreeSewing, please go ahead and claim them. Or if you know who made them, let us know.

Also applies to blog posts

The same principle applies to blog posts, but since all but 2 posts on the site are written by that same dude, it’s not really something where we need you help.

That being said, it does give you a good idea of what things will look like, as you can see below.

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