Opal Overalls: Cutting Instructions

  • Cut 2 front parts
  • Cut 2 back parts
  • Cut 1 bib part
  • Cut 1 waistband part
  • Cut 1 bib placket part
  • Cut 1 bib pocket part (optional)
  • Cut 2 slash pocket parts (optional)
  • Cut 2 pocket shield parts (optional)
  • Cut 2 back pocket parts (optional)
  • Cut 1 carpenter pocket part (optional)
  • Cut 1 2nd carpenter pocket part (optional)
  • Cut 1 hammer loop part (optional)

When cutting out two, you can cut them good sides together. However, when working with fabric with a pattern, I prefer to cut them individually to finely control the pattern matching.

When you cut them individually, remember that they need to be mirror images of each other. So flip either your pattern or your fabric over when cutting the second one.