Carlita coat: Fabric Options

Main Fabric

You want a fabric that has a bit of body that holds its shape. Generally Wools of coating weight will be the best choice as they will provide warmth and give shape to the coat. Other fabrics of coating weight should also work. However if you are looking for something more lightweight you could try Linens and lighter Wools, but you may need to face these fabrics to give them more body before construction. Fleece is a cheaper alternate to Wools but may note keep as long, if you are putting the effort into properly tailoring Carlita then you are gonna want to consider buying a fabric that will last for a long period of time.


Remember that this pattern is intended to be a winter coat so you need to consider warmth when choosing your fabric.

Linings and Pocket Bags

Lightweight Cottons such as Cotton Silesia, Cotton Lawn or Glazed Cottons should do for the body lining but you may find that you require Silks or similar for the sleeve linings to reduce friction and make it easier to take on and off over the arms. Silks can also be used for the body as well but the Cotton will be more durable in the long run. Pocket bags should be out of Cotton or something that is strong enough to hold the weight of the intended items you wish to carry in them. Printed Cottons are a fun thing to try but if your main fabric is quite bulky you may find they add to much weight.


As per usual with Linings it is really down to your prefered lining materials but if you are new to lining a coat we suggest to use the Cotton options for the body and pockets and use the Silk option for the sleeves.


We recommend Hair canvases. You may be tempted to use modern interfacing but hair canvases will provide the best results. You will want a combination of different weight hair canvases such as lightweight to medium weight Tailors Canvas and heavyweight Horsehair Canvas. A common misconception is that you have to use horsehair canvas for all of it, but this is not the case and really is only needed for areas that need the most structure such as the front shoulder but are often too stiff for other parts. Tailors canvas is generally used for the majority of facing a coat.


You can use fusible or non-fusible facings but you may find that you still need to flatline the facing and fabric pieces together with basting stitches, even after fusing for the best results.


Certain hair canvases, such as Horsehair canvas can have stiff hairs that can poke out of the fabric so will require tape like tailors tape to prevent this from happening.